When music begins to be a part of one’s life it is as if the whole existence folds on the sounds of the mind and soul. The passion for music is not something that can be controlled…it starts from within, from the most hidden and sensitive places, and springs to the surface, reaching the ears ready to listen and being ready to transform the bodies into waves of hallucinatory vibrations. Passionate about the art of music since childhood, Deejey Vibe or his real name Ostafe Vlad Iulian, started his activity as a disk joker at the age of 15 in his own room with a mixer, a microphone and some headphones. His first place of „work” he was at an online radio called Radio Fiesta, after which he ended up reading and documenting a lot about this job and slowly at the age of 15 he had his first party where he was a deejay. From the age of 16, he started documenting the music production of great deejays such as Armin Van Burren or Giusseppe Ottavianii. At the age of 17, he arrives for the first time at a Romanian FM radio station, where he falls in love with this job and continues his rise in the field. Currently Deejey Vibe aka Ostafe Vlad Iulian works together with a friend at a radio station very well known in the online environment for music and server content called Radio Mega Hit Romania. Until now Deejey Vibe had over 200 live shows and over 200 events where he created a beautiful atmosphere.